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Frequency10 x yearly

Basic RateAd rate 1/1 page: € 20,900

Paid circulation154,725 IVW 3/14

Copyprice€ 3.20 pocket € 2.50



Page Impressions5.23 m

VISITS0.58 m

Unique User0.33 m

(Source: IVW 2014-11 /
AGOF internet facts 2014-09)



PageImpressions Web:7,631,487

(Source: IVW 2014-11)

WOMEN’S HEALTH: it’s good to be YOU!

In record time, WOMEN’S HEALTH has firmly established itself among the young women/lifestyle magazines – absolutely successful, always relevant, never superficial. The unique positioning of WOMEN’S HEALTH treats readers as equals and concerns itself with their lives rather than those of the stars and starlets. The magazine is filled with ideas and inspiration for women who want to achieve more – not for their career or for status symbols, but to simply make the best of themselves.

WOMEN’S HEALTH takes women seriously, but is still fun to read. Because WOMEN’S HEALTH is lively, authentic and confident. The unique mixture of clever, service-oriented tips and top-quality lifestyle already delights nearly half a million readers (AWA 2013). Its IVW audited circulation and its exemplary circulation structure compared to other titles in its magazine segment are both impressive. The WOMEN’S HEALTH success story is also international: it is the fastest-growing women’s magazine brand worldwide.

WOMEN’S HEALTH: it’s good to be YOU!

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