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Paid circulation44,416 IVW 1/15

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NIDO – “We are a family”

  • A new magazine for young, modern, big-city parents. Having a child doesn’t mean that parents have to give up their humour, interest in fashion, popculture and politics, career and tasteful living, intimacy and independence. NIDO shows young parents that there’s more to live than nappies and pacifiers.
  • A new kind of parents magazine. In Nido the editorial focus is not on the child, but on the parents. NIDO is Germany’s only lifestyle magazine for young parents.
  • Clear editorial structure. Every issue of NIDO is divided into the editorial sections “Society”, “Psychology”, “Travel & Cooking”, “Money & Business” and “Fashion & Products”
  • Attractive core target group. The core target group of NIDO consists of one million parents of children aged up to six with higher income and a broad range of interests.

International portfolio sold in Germany

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