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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – The German edition of the world's most international magazine

  • Our origin is the community. The National Geographic Society is one of the world's largest nonprofit organizations. Its mission is to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge.
  • Our business is discovery. Since 1888, the NGS has funded more than 7,500 expeditions, research projects and educational programmes.
  • Our success is worldwide. More than 40 million people in more than 170 countries read NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC every month. And 1.35 million read NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DEUTSCHLAND.
  • Our distinction demands quality. Breathtaking pictures and fascinating stories. Most articles are written in the first person, giving them greater credibility and vividness.
  • Our capital is our readers. The more than one million NGD readers have high levels of completed education, upper incomes, and are found in aboveaverage socio-economic classes.
  • Our strength is our service. Individually-arranged special exhibitions, map funding or exclusive speakers for events – with NGD, it's all possible!

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