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GEO – Exceptional magazines have exceptional readers

GEO – First class readership

Due to its outstanding journalistic quality, GEO reaches the social and consumer elite, leadership personalities and decision makers. GEO readers are strong personalities with a high level of education in upscale professional positions. Besides an above-average income, they are widely interested, brand-conscious and have a sense for exclusiveness. This elite appreciates discrete luxury combined with elegant design and therefore is especially fond of prestigious international brands.

GEO – Positive Image Transfer

GEO editors and readers share a liking for the unknown, awareness for the endangered, curiosity about the need to know and an open mind about the future. These four principles guide the journalistic work and reports, which fill each page of the magazine. GEO is a strong and successful international brand with its own brand-charisma. Advertisers can transfer this exclusiveness to emphasize the power and appeal of their own brands.

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