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The right timing is also critical in the internet! In order to ensure that your advertisement booking runs smoothly at all stages, you will find here the most important dates for ad closing, reservations, banner delivery and cancellation deadlines.

Delivery dates for banner copy

The advertisement copy material necessary for insertion must be received by us at the latest three working days prior to insertion start in the case of GIF and JPG files, and five working days prior to insertion start in the case of Flash, HTML, special and rich-media formats.

In addition, a much earlier delivery of copy material is necessary in the case of special advertising formats and more complex advertisement layouts (by agreement).

Closing date for bookings is three working days before insertion start. Placement is made in accordance with the conditions defined in the order confirmation.

Reservations shall lapse at the latest 10 working days before start of insertion and can also only be made for a maximum holding period of 10 working days regardless of the time of reservation. Quoted AdImpressions retain their validity for four weeks.

Free cancellation of an advertisement booking which has not yet been run is possible up to three weeks before insertion start. If this deadline is not adhered to, 30 % of the order value will be invoiced. Free cancellation of the booking of a cooperation agreement which has not yet been implemented (such as content integration, a prize game, a Special, an eBooklet etc.) is possible up to six weeks before insertion start. If this deadline is not adhered to, the original volume booked within the six-week period following receipt of cancellation will be invoiced in accordance with its proportion to the booked runtime.

Technical costs which have been incurred for the booking up until the time of cancellation (e.g. in the case of services for StreamingAds) will be invoiced in full to the client.

Discounts, Agency Commission

Digital Discounts

Graduated scale of digital discounts 2014 (refers to any given insertion year)


20.000 EUR


Only insertion costs can be discounted. There is no discount for technical, layout and handling costs


30.000 EUR



50.000 EUR



100.000 EUR



Agency Commission
If the order is place by an agency, 15% agency commission can be deducted. 

Invoicing in terms of CPM
All advertising space at G+J EMS – with the exception of a few special advertising formats – is invoiced on the basis of CPM (contacts per thousand price = price per thousand PageImpressions based on IVW data). By analysing the log file of a web server, the time and frequency of the calling-up of a stored advertising banner can be accurately reconstructed. The advertising contact can – in contrast to the situation with print, TV or radio – be directly determined. As all G+J online offers are linked to the IVW measuring process, a guarantee for the comparability and validity of logged PageImpressions is given (www.ivw.de). 

Minimum charge
The minimum charge of G+J EMS ist 4.500,- EUR. 

Example CalculationThe price for a one-week booking of an skyscraper sized 160 x 600 pixels on the home page of stern.de therefore amounts to:Contact on the home page of stern.de - for example 112,500 AdImpressions per week at a CPM on the home page of STERN.de of 40.- EUR per week.

International portfolio sold in Germany

Information on the international portfolio of our German Sales Office can be found here.


International portfolio sold by OSP in the U.K.

G+J OSP London provide media solutions for clients from the UK. Our partners cover 50 countries in all media channels.

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G+J IMS international portfolio

G+J International Media Sales offers you perfect communication solutions in international top-media.

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