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All advertising spaces at G+J EMS – except certain special advertising forms – are billed on the basis of a CPM (thousand contact price = price per 1,000 PageImpressions in line with IVW figures). A precise analysis of the logfile of a web server makes it possible to reconstruct when and how often a stored advertising banner is accessed. The advertising contact can be directly tracked – as opposed to print, TV or radio.

Please note that a minimum gross booking volume of € 4,500 applies for CPM bookings.

In the booking units of the websites, we differentiate between premium and basic placements and rotations. Premium booking units are the core themes of the brand, which are in great demand. Then there are the basic booking units, which present other relevant themes. In addition to these different booking units, it is possible to book a rotation covering the entire website.

You can find the individual rates under the title information shown below or through the Quickfinder.

International portfolio sold in Germany

Information on the international portfolio of our German Sales Office can be found here.


International portfolio sold by OSP in the U.K.

G+J OSP London provide media solutions for clients from the UK. Our partners cover 50 countries in all media channels.

G+J OSP portfolio

G+J IMS international portfolio

G+J International Media Sales offers you perfect communication solutions in international top-media.

G+J IMS portfolio

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