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  • ARCOR.de reaches 1.51 million unique users every month.
  • 64% of ARCOR.de users are male.
  • 53% of the target group are aged between 20 and 49 years.
  • ARCOR.de users boast an above-average level of education: 39% have A-Levels or a university degree.
  • 63% of users boast net household income of €2,000 or more, and 38% of users have an income of over €3,000 per month.
  • ARCOR.de users use the internet with above-average frequency to source information on online banking as well as on sports results and sports reports. They also frequently use content related to the topic of world affairs, carry out research on search engines and online catalogues, and access information on the topic of property searches.
  • In comparison with the population of Germany as a whole, ARCOR.de users show above-average interest in rail tickets, pay-to-enter lotteries, DIY articles and appliances, and pay-to-download music or films.
  • ARCOR.de experiences of online shopping and e-commerce are frequently associated with the purchase of gambling products, miscellaneous insurance policies such as car, household contents or liability insurance, home cinema/surround sound systems, pay-to-enter lottery tickets and rental cars.

Source: AGOF internet facts 2014–10//Base: average month

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