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Recipe integration

Strengthen your brand, and increase demand for your products by integrating your own recipes!

The recipe databases at CHEFKOCH.de, BRIGITTE.de and ESSEN-UND-TRINKEN.de are treasure troves for our users, where they actively look for recipes and tips of all kinds. The recipes are commentated on, discussed and passed on to others as recommendations. With the recipe integration option we have created a means of integrating your recipe in our database. The recipes are marked with logos to identify you as the author. The recipe also has room for a brandbox to contain your own presentation, and link users directly to your own online presence.

Integration is possible for a period of 4 weeks (CHEFKOCH.de & ESSEN-UND-TRINKEN.de 3 months) or more.


  • Minimal effort: just supply existing recipe material
  • Creating demand by integration in the recipe database
  • Wasted coverage kept low because of strong theme association

Recipe integration

Lead time 12 working days prior to recipe integration
Designated run time min. 3 months
Mimimum booking volume
min. Euro 7,200, price calculation upon request

The price includes recipe integration.

The editors must approve recipe integration in advance.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding the recipe integration.

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