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Photo Competition

An online photo competition is a very good means of actively involving users in your communication activities. You join forces with the relevant title to invite users to take part in
the photo competition exclusively sponsored by you. The theme of the photo competition is announced by the site, and can in some cases also be decided jointly with you.

The content of the photo competition is then supplied by the users by uploading the competition pictures. The great involvement of the users ensures an additional positive impact for your brand.

In addition, the photo competition is publicised online by co-branded advertisements, and for some titles on a cross-media basis in the printed magazine as well.


  • Exclusive presence of your brand
  • Great involvement of the target group
  • Image transfer through joint organisation of a competition and the resulting closeness to the website brand

Photo Competition

Lead time Up to 15 working days before start of competition
Designated run time about 6-8 weeks (longer run times possible on request)
Mimimum booking volume
from € 15.000 net

The price includes a supporting media package and also the production costs for the photo competition

The media package for the supporting advertising promotion is compiled in line with your wishes. The advertisements are co-branded and are produced by you in consultation with the editorial team. All advertisements link to the photo competition and your integration in it.


The theme and run time of the photo competition must be agreed with the sites on which it is basically possible. It is also necessary to agree the co-branded advertisements, and which prize you want to donate  for the photo competition.


For the following magazines, photo competition that work slightly differently and other prices are possible:

Please call us if you have any questions regarding the photo competition.

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