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Exklusive and relevant

You can use an eBooklet to occupy an editorial theme of your choice. The eBooklet consists of a combination of editorial content with elements provided by you. Editorial freedom in relation to content is not affected. The content contributed by you is identified as advertising and account up to 50% of the content of the eBooklet. Within the eBooklet you enjoy additional integration in the form of a "powered by" logo; no other advertising is provided in the eBooklet.

Additional to the eBooklet a mobile extention "mBooklet" ist bookable.

Co-branded advertisements

These advertisements are produced by you* and include an internal link to the eBooklet. For preparing the cobranded advertisments you are given a style guide. The advertisements must be released by the editorial teams.

Editorial promotion

Editorial and promotional teasers point to the eBooklet.


The content is supplied by you in a standardised form (Word document) and adapted by the editorial team to the layout of the eBooklet.

Background colour

Depending on the website for which you book the eBooklet, either the entire eBooklet or only the client content ist highlighted in colour.


  • Image transfer and increase in popularity
  • Undivided attention
  • Minimisation of wasted coverage
  • Greater advertising impact
  • Monitoring success and a safe investment


Lead time 30 Working days before start of eBooklets
Designated run time 4 weeks(longer run times possible on request)
Mimimum booking volume
20.000 Euro net

The price is made up of the media inputs and includes the cost of producing the eBooklet

The media package for the supporting advertising promotion is compiled in line with your wishes. The advertisements are co-branded and are produced by you in consultation with the editorial team*. All advertisements link to the eBooklet and your integrated presence on the website.

Every eBooklet will be accompanied by a co-branded teaser on the website and/or a theme-related heading. The editorial team is responsible for the placement of the co-branded teaser. The media performance is guaranteed.


For the following magazines, eBooklets are with differently conditions possible:

*Exception: STERN.de and ART-MAGAZIN.de

Please call us if you have any questions regarding the eBooklet.

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