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The ARCOR Mobil portal is the convergent realization of the ARCOR.de online portal, into which the familiar arcor look and feel is consistently projected. Visitors will find comprehensive information about day-to-day events in editorial environments that are updated minute by minute. arcor.de mobil reports on politics, business and sport, provides the latest gossip from the celebrity world, indicates where the most beautiful, idyllic beaches in the world are found, and supplies information about the newest technology trends. Any time, any place. Besides, arcor.de mobil users can access their mailboxes and communicate by email. Photos they have taken can thus be attached and sent as emails, and they can access their personal address books at any time.

International portfolio sold in Germany

Information on the international portfolio of our German Sales Office can be found here.


International portfolio sold by OSP in the U.K.

G+J OSP London provide media solutions for clients from the UK. Our partners cover 50 countries in all media channels.

G+J OSP portfolio

G+J IMS international portfolio

G+J International Media Sales offers you perfect communication solutions in international top-media.

G+J IMS portfolio

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