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Passbook Coupons

Couponing with Apple Passbook

Mobile coupons can help you take your users directly to the point of sale. G+J EMS Mobile's "Click-to-Passbook" ads are individualised mobile ads and are highly visible for your target group as the coupons are saved immediately to the user's smartphone.


Passbook Coupons are produced specially for your brand by G+J EMS Mobile and aligned with your current campaign. Coupons can contain specific texts, images, a bar code or numeric code. In addition, we can also integrate up to ten different geo locators so you can provide coupons for specific locations. Upon entering a certain geographic area, the coupon is displayed on the user's iPhone's lock screen. Other options include QR codes or integration of the service into a mobile landing page. Apart from mobile ContentAds, a wide range of other special advertising formats is available.


  • Individual communication with users through coupons with custom designs.
  • Reinforcement of user involvement through targeted touchpoints as part of the customer journey.
  • Increased sales at POS as ads are displayed on the iPhone lockscreen in a time-dependant and localised manner.
  • Increased customer loyalty by means of reminder messages (e.g. when there is an update) in the Pass.

Passbook Coupons

Lead time min. 3-4working days
Mimimum booking volume
from € 10,000 net (First Mover)

Rate scale:
> 9,000 clicks:        CPC=€ 0.75 net/net
> 50,000 clicks:    CPC=€ 0.65 net/net
> 120,000 clicks:    CPC=€ 0.50 net/net

Bookable formats:
Selected mobile websites in the G+J EMS Mobile portfolio.

1. Full service offer: rate comprises media insertion and costs of creating the Passbook coupon
2. Customer provides coupon.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding the Passbook Couponing.

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